Falling as an Erotic Act; by Maria Nikiforaki

When Maria Nikiforaki was invited to participate in Wilderness_Amorgos Art Residency, she expressed her fascination with Amorgos landscpape. Maria has been intereted in the notion of falling and she has been investigating it in her previous performances and films. The notion undertakes a number of meanings. Ιn the work she produced during the residency she performed the action of falling, she created narratives and she collaborated with the people she encountered in the island.


Artist’s  work-statement

The deep purpose of this work is to explore the “fall” in all its range of literal and abstract meaning. When I stand on a cliff, I feel a sense of gravity that pulls me down to dive and a sense of resistance that keeps me standing just imagining this action. This self, ready to dive and deciding to stay is the same self ready to make love, right at that emotional crossing point. Sensing ones self couldn’t be more ‘volcanic’ than when confronting the nature.




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