THE ROCKS* by Vasiliki Sifostratoudaki

During her research and practice, the artist produced a beautiful piece of writing. Τhe tex  “THE ROCKS*'” is an extract from that piece of writing.


Τhe Rocks compose a set of steps for me towards Her. The voice of the sea is calling me like the creature of the BLUE. In the outline of her body the same stones look like the skin of the Orca wale. This imaginary skin is of the same creature which keeps me company during the winter time in Moby’s Dick story.

“I hold my breath before it accelerates, by now is two years.”

Her touch is warm and makes my soul smooth.The frame of my I-Phone catches the details of the rocks that look a landscape seen from the window of a plane. I get attached to Her, by Her song I am under her spell, I dare not to touch her today, I don’t know the impact of Him in my skin.

“He swam into he Mediterranean waters end, after living right beside Her. I wonder “Did he at any point, ask her, “Can I go back?” or he continued swimming in the pause/ θωργιά of the moment.

It is the voice of silence when I dive in her, the only thing I hear is my heart beat and the παφλασµός, the wind, the birds, the waves and of my thoughts and pencil as I write.

* “The Rocks” is an extract from the text “Πιο κάτω ο αέρας θα είναι πιο ταπεινός”/ “Hubble will be the air as you go down.” by Vasiliki Sifostratoudaki, 2016



“Throwing Stones” (in progress), Vasiliki Sifostratoudaki, 2016 Material: stones, pebbles, rocks, fragments of objects found while I was walking, minerals

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