‘The search of the perfect fall and the failure is The most erotic act!’

During the residency Maria Nikiforaki researched the theme of ‘falling’, which undertakes various meanings. The product of this research was a body of films with cinematic outlook as well as research attributes.



Maria Nikiforaki, Amorgos, 2016


“Being cut out from internet I decided to define words by my own imagination.That will explain why I didn’t look up the epistemological explanation of the fall.

The drive to fall and to fall in love.

What is the “fall” in love?

The search of the perfect fall and the failure is The most erotic act!

I also came to the conclusion that the things that are not said are highly erecting…

Talking about the route a diver can choose to dive in the water made me think of all these possible ways we fall in love when there is no gravity , the altitude and the sense of vertigo.

Although I have never fallen in love in a resolute way, neither have I consciously directed my movement , I made sure I swallow deep to keep the danger and

When I say why ‘him’

I know it is that ‘he’ reminds me the sense of self in this infinite landscape of human history and evolution cut away from unnecessary nonsense.


I know that after saying that I have to brush my teeth before bed so they don’t stain but the wind that blows wild outside my window by the sink is calling me like a wild meat eater animal that wants to feed after a week of unrest of no food.”

Maria Nikiforaki

Amorgos, 2016



Falling as an Erotic Act; by Maria Nikiforaki

When Maria Nikiforaki was invited to participate in Wilderness_Amorgos Art Residency, she expressed her fascination with Amorgos landscpape. Maria has been intereted in the notion of falling and she has been investigating it in her previous performances and films. The notion undertakes a number of meanings. Ιn the work she produced during the residency she performed the action of falling, she created narratives and she collaborated with the people she encountered in the island.


Artist’s  work-statement

The deep purpose of this work is to explore the “fall” in all its range of literal and abstract meaning. When I stand on a cliff, I feel a sense of gravity that pulls me down to dive and a sense of resistance that keeps me standing just imagining this action. This self, ready to dive and deciding to stay is the same self ready to make love, right at that emotional crossing point. Sensing ones self couldn’t be more ‘volcanic’ than when confronting the nature.